My job is to help your child meet their goals.

This is what I love most about working with college-bound students and their families. They’re smart, energetic, and excited about their future. They know where they want to go in the next step in life, they just need some help to get there.

These are the people I work with. And my goal is to help these people – people like you – accomplish their goals.

Want to know about me?

I’m Dr. Bryan Matthews, the Coach for College Admissions. Helping high school students and their families successfully transition to U.S. colleges is what I do.

I counsel students and their families on the intricacies of navigating the daunting challenge of college admissions. With over 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S., finding the right fit for your son or daughter is not easy.

My services offer individual counseling from the beginning of the process through to acceptance. With a doctorate in education, over 30 years experience working in recruiting, college admissions, coaching, and administration, I have worked with hundreds of families as they made this important transition.


I started my career as a college head lacrosse coach and assistant Director of Admissions at Washington College, in Maryland. My next move was as head lacrosse coach and tenured professor at the United States Naval Academy.

After sixteen years in college coaching and teaching, I moved back to Washington College as the Director of Athletics and Associate Vice President, where I have been for the last twenty years.

I earned my doctorate in Education late in my career, and can attest to the value of life-long learning. My research and Dissertation focused on academic support for college students.

My entire career has been working with students and families to help them succeed with their college experience. Admissions, recruiting, academic support, coaching, career counseling, and mentoring students to graduation is what I do.

Full Disclosure:

I am the Director of Athletics and Associate Vice President of Administrative Services at Washington College, a Liberal Arts college in Chestertown, Maryland.