Where has all the transition training gone?

by Bryan on October 17, 2010

Over the last 150 years, we in education have failed to develop universal programs that systematically prepare students for transitioning from one learning environment to the next.

From elementary to middle, middle to high, and high school to college, we expect students to navigate their new school system without significant transition training prior to their arrival in the new environment.

We expect them to learn to swim while they are in the deep end.

As a result many dedicated educators spend countless hours providing support for students who struggle or fail as they attempt to simultaneously learn the system and succeed academically.

Especially critical is the move from high school to college, where transition-readiness requires specific training for a very different and more complex learning environment.

Students should be provided with consistent transition training and skill development prior to their move from one major school system to the next.

It is critical to success—so why aren’t we doing it?

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